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ANC Wallet

To get started, download the Anoncoin client and set up your wallet.

Mining pools

Do you want to mine Anoncoins? Start by checking out this list of mining pools.

Buy and sell ANC

You can buy and sell ANC on a number of exchanges. See our list of recommended exhanges.

In progress

  • Zerocoin
  • Web hosting (I2P & Tor)
  • Built-in I2P router
  • Other privacy services

Anoncoin - The future of anonymity

Anoncoin was created with the goal of being a truly anonymous cryptocurrency. With our support of the I2P darknet, the location from where your Anoncoin transactions originate can not be traced. With our upcoming implementation of Zerocoin, it will soon be impossible to track transaction linkages in the Anoncoin block chain. Unlike the various mixing services that exist for other coins, our implementation of Zerocoin will be unique in that it will not require the use of trusted third parties, even for the initial set up.

Created in June 2013, Anoncoin was the first, and is currently the only coin, to support the I2P darknet. The lead developer is an active member of the I2P development team, ensuring that the latest developments will be incorporated into Anoncoin. As a team, we are committed to providing a long-lived cryptocurrency that is free from the interference of central banks, governments, and intelligence agencies.

Anoncoin is always looking for skilled developers, PR people, and service providers. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

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