Anoncoin 0.9.7 release with hardfork

The Anoncoin team is proud to announce the official release of Anoncoin 0.9.7. This release is set to hardfork at block 871111, giving everyone about 1 week to upgrade. This is a first step on the way for the release of Anoncash later this year.

We will release builds out for all platforms which makes it easy for new users to install and run Anoncoin. You can find the release on Github here.

GOST R 34.11-2012

We fixed issues with some mined blocks not being accepted, and in the process we moved to double GOST R 34.11-2012 hashing algorithm, mined with CPU/GPU. Now everyone in the Anoncoin community can mine, rather than those few who have an ASIC miner.

Hardfork at block 871111.

To move over to GOST R 34.11-2012 a hardfork is needed. This will happen at block 871111, in about 1 week from now. Please make sure you have upgraded by that time. Any blocks mined from miners that have not upgraded will not be accepted after this.

We recommend that you upgrade your wallet before making transactions. The two largest Anoncoin exchanges, and will upgrade, there is no need to move your coins before the hardfork.


Anoncoin is an open source project and depends on volunteers contributing their time and effort to the project. Important contributors for development and testing of this release is Meeh, Oyvkva, JSX, Orignal and Killertaco. Thanks to the rest of our community for support as well.

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By Anoncoin Developers