Bitcointalk announcement October 22, 2017

We are posting this here as well, but it can be found on Bitcoin talk here.

This is a short announcement on behalf of me, Meeh and a couple of friends who would like to work on the AnonCoin project.


Meeh and some other developers have started active development on Anoncoin. A new release expected in December. We have a Slack, talk with us here.


Meeh started the project years ago, I’ve been around and following crypto for a few years. We’ve been talking about it for a while, but recently we decided to get together with a few more developers to work on Anoncoin again.

The blockchain is running, people are mining, but there has not been any activity on the git repo since June 19. After the delisting on BTC38 trading volume has been very low.


We would really like to revive the project and hope to see support from the community. There have been lots of people with valuable contributions over the years. Thanks to everyone, and especially the people who have kept the project alive for the last few years!

We will be active on both slack and IRC2P moving forwards. Hopefully, we can also manage to bring the Anoncoin Reddit back to life, it’s a good place for new people to learn about the project. A new website is also being worked on.

All of this is suggestions and ideas. We want to hear from everyone with an interest in Anoncoin what they would like to see. We really want to see this project succeed and believe there is a huge potential, especially at this time with Bitcoin making new ATHs over and over and media is writing about cryptocurrencies constantly.


In the coming 2 months, we would like to update the current codebase. We are planning to use the Actor Framework. The actor model has advantages with simpler scalability and concurrency. The goal is to have a new release ready in December.

For 2018 we have big plans that we would like to discuss with the community. We would like a new codebase, possibly based on CryptoNote instead of ZeroCoin. We would also like a more egalitarian PoW mining algorithm.

We will write in more detail about development goals in a roadmap soon, but it would be really good to hear what people think first. Talk with us on Slack here.

We are also at #anoncoin-dev on IRC2P.

By Anoncoin Developers