Roadmap is updated on Github:



Anoncoin is complete

  • Improve i2pd compatibility to match java router → DONE

Anoncoin I2Pd ANCI2Pd portable was released for windows

Rebuild infrastructure

  • Block explorer
  • Exchanges
  • Docker image for build
  • New bootstrap.dat file
  • Refresh Anoncoin.i2p for our russian friend at i2pd project

Release B

  • Implement AUX-POW: Scrypt merge mined with LTC

Release C

  • Add built-in I2P router, via LibI2Pd (Will now be launched as a subprocess if SAM bridge isn’t found at startup. All traffic to be enforced over I2P) → ONGOING
  • Multi-wallet logic
  • Better support for Qt styling → ONGOING
  • Multi-wallet enabled in Qt → ONGOING
  • Zerocoin

CWalletCoin → DONE

zerocoin_wallet storage → DONE

RPC mint txn → DONE

relaying mint txns → DONE

accum. chkpts in block → PARTIALLY DONE/ONGOING

wallet witness update

wallet mint logic

refactor CoinSpend

RPC create spend + impl.

store own spend pieces locally

RPC get seeding spend proofs

net: seed spends

net: receive and verify spends

store received spend pieces

wallet spend logic


GUI → Ssuag